Our history: from “Monday Breakfasts” to DVG Solving.

In the mid-1990s three managers of a holding company based in the North East of Italy had taken the healthy habit of meeting at one of their homes from 6 to 8 a.m. every Monday, before starting their work week. During the rich breakfast, organisational and management problems were analyzed with the case study approach. The issues were then dealt with and resolved with the managerial methods that the same executives applied in the enterprise in which they worked and also with other experimental methods. For 2 hours a week they acted as if they were business management consultants.
After a few years, the respective careers brought the three managers to other companies and the meetings ended, however the habit of periodic comparison on the issues of complexity management did not fail. The residence where the meetings took place was mine …
Even today I use the Monday Breakfasts with excellent results”.

Dante Ghisi
(founder and CEO of DVG Solving)

Our skills are unique,
not comparable to other
consulting groups.

Why us?

New ideas. Persistent over time results. Let us help you to find the more suitable Collaborators for your vision, thanks to our methods and our experience.
DVG Solving is not a “supplier of candidates”, but a reality that since 1999 daily accumulates creative knowledge and uses it to serve its Clients not only in personnel search & selection, but also in industrial relations, in the reorganisation of one or more business divisions, in new departments implementation, in M & A and in management training & development.
DVG Solving is the key partner for planning, integrating and managing the development of previously separate entities.
We evaluate companies not only from the point of view of assets, but above all of business and people.
Our skills are unique, not comparable to other consulting groups, because we own a
multidisciplinary that isn’t present elsewhere.
Our recognized expertise, graphology, generates multiplier effects of our performances. It’s also an indispensable tool in cases where we must prove the authorship of signatures and texts, both manuscripts and generated by the latest generation of electronic devices (Graphology appraisal).


Head hunting

We operate in the belief that the head-hunting is a very delicate method by its nature, to be carried out in absolute confidentiality.

Search and selection

In search and selection we combine our consolidated experience of head hunting with the last minute needs of our customers.

Intensive recruiting

We carry out search and selection assignments (also through assessment) for new openings in shopping centers, logistics centers, production facilities and / or services dedicated to infrastructures.

DVG Solving advices for Individuals

With individual advices that can be booked in 2-hour tranches, even via Skype, DVG Solving helps managers

General Management Skills Development Program

The General Management Skills Development Program developed by DVG Solving fosters the growth of the skills necessary to manage economic resources, technical resources and human resources with efficiency and effectiveness in all organizational contexts.

Corporate reorganisation and development

On objectives agreed upon with the board, DVG Solving directly carries out the reorganisation of the company both in case of turnaround management and company restructuring.

Graphological appraisals

Human behavior is highly predictable. DVG Solving uses graphology as a further tool in investigating congruences between people and job roles.


Just as there is no fingerprint identical to another, so there is no set of graphic signs identical to that possessed by another person.
The DVG SOLVING team dedicated to FORENSIC GRAPHOLOGY, coordinated by Dante Valerio Ghisi, cultivates the continuous enrichment of specific and interdisciplinary knowledge, which includes dating techniques for writing media and software to aid in the verification of graphometric signatures.



Since in the early days of its foundation, DVG Solving became focused on spending “pro bono publico” part of its energy to support those who are in conditions of hardship, specifically to children. Among the most significant “ pro bono” activities: research on the strengths and weaknesses of the educational and regulatory system of social orphans of Belarus; complete reorganisation of the Villaggio dei Bambini di Mantova; study and implementation of a diversification of educational services in Mantova (www.villaggiodeibambini.it)